How I Created my Miku X Strawberry Cosplay Costume: Finding the Perfect Skirts

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Beading tutorial –

0:00 – Introduction
0:33 – Circle Skirt
4:23 – Hoop Skirt update
4:58 – Strawberry Music Skirt
6:21 – The Music Staff
7:30 – The Notes
9:11 – Satin Stitching Technique
10:20 – The Leaves
10:56 – The Ruffle
12:23 – Hiding the Hoop Skirt
14:03 – The Gingham Skirt
14:26 – Scalloped Bias Tape
16:19 – Scalloping Technique
18:53 – Creating a Swag
19:48 – The Road So Far
21:22 – Reflecting on My Mistakes
23:48 – Pleated Bowtails
25:49 – The Bow
27:23 – Final Thoughts

Most tracks were sourced from the following:
Animal Crossing-esque Music:

Dramatic Brass Music:

Other social media:

Sewing Machine: Brother SE-400

I love cosplay with movie, anime and game characters, more hot cosplay costumes : shazam halloween costume

21 thoughts on “How I Created my Miku X Strawberry Cosplay Costume: Finding the Perfect Skirts”

  1. this video was posted a bit ago but i only found your channel recently so, i worked / got done with my columbina eyesmask during this and its just rly nice to listen to this when im working on other stuff 🙂

  2. i was working on a crochet shrug thingy while watching this!(it’s like a sweater but just the arms)
    not cosplay this time, but still 🙂

  3. There is SO much effort put into editing and explaining. I LOVE it. You are doing an AMAZING job.

    This is the first video I'm seeing of your channel and it's an immediate subscribe.

    It's making me really want to get back into cosplay and also just sewing in general. I have no clue about any of it but I've always wanted to try.

  4. not working on a cosplay (i'm not a cosplayer) BUT i'm watching several of your videos (the Miku x Strawberry sagaaa!!!) while crocheting some pieces. already finished the shell of a purse, a pair of socks and a scarf.
    you seem like a very kind person (also hella skilled in many aspects), watching your videos is very pleasant ^^

  5. You make sewing seem like an actual reachable goal for me

    And that's saying a lot as I beat myself up on stuff I felt like I could "never do" before because people would laugh at my dreams…..

    But after kicking those people out my life I think I'm going to make a sort of dream board for goals
    And it's going to be all cosplay related.
    1) learn to sew
    2) style a wig
    3) make a jacket
    4) make or style thrifted shoes
    5) learn cosplay makeup
    Etc etc

    Watching your videos seems so realistic in the sense if you were a teacher you'd probably be a little awkward around the edges (aren't we all) but everyone's favorite teacher to get after class time with to be tutored and mentored because your advice is actually helpful and if we fail then whatever, just roll with the punches and learn from it which is the attitude I should have rather than letting it deter me from said goals

  6. New to your channel but just wanted to say, how awesome you are! Your skills and talent are really cool!
    And the whole organizing and planning skills that come from all your experience! I mean I was just overwhelmed by you only explaining what you have to do for this big ass project! I generally have so much admiration for ppl creating their own cosplays from scratch ✨🙌🏼

  7. wow you're extremely knowledgable in sewing OMGG, i dont cosplay but im very interested in making my own clothes/going in to fashion school. im learning so much and everything is explained so well! im so curious though, have you taken any sewing/fashion classes in collage or uni? or are you self taught?

  8. coming back for a rewatch on the whole series, idk what i was doing the first time but im not really a cosplayer yet, i mostly just thrift stuff for simple costumes when i go to cons (going to comicon oz as kiba from naruto soon!) but i am an artist and im working on a drawing for a friend while i watch! of their dnd character :3